Types of Marking Media, Uses, Marking Methods

Types of Marking Media

Hello friends, Today I am going to discuss marking media in which we will know what is marking media and how many types of marking media. Marking media plays a crucial role in the precision marking and layout of guidelines before machining or cutting by hand tools in machine parts and fitting operations. Its primary objective is to … Read more

Types of Hardness Testing Methods and Impact Testing

Brinell Hardness Test

Hello friends, Today we are going to talk about types of hardness testing methods and impact testing. Hardness tests are employed to ascertain the hardness of materials, indicating their resistance to indentation or abrasion. On the other hand, impact testing is utilized to determine the toughness of materials, providing insights into their ability to absorb energy … Read more

Micrometer: Types, Parts, Principle, How to Read (mm & inches) | How to read a Micrometer

How to read a Micrometer

Today you will learn types of micrometer, parts of micrometer, working principle of micrometer and at the last how to read a micrometer in mm and inches with an example. Micrometers are precision measuring instruments used for making accurate measurements of small distances or thicknesses. They are commonly used in manufacturing, engineering, and scientific research … Read more

Combination Set: Parts and Uses

Combination Set: Parts and Uses

Hi  friends, today in this article we will learn in detail about Combination Set: Parts and Uses Must read this article till the end A combination set is a collection of precision measuring tools that are commonly used in metalworking, woodworking, and engineering.  It consists of several parts, each with its unique function, that work together … Read more