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Mechical is a place where to learn all about mechanical engineering topic like Manufacturing Process, Science, Manufacturing Machine, Material, Metrology and much more.

About Author

My name is Deependra Kumar & I am a founder of Guidemechanical.com
I am an Engineer (Mechanical Engineer) by profession and also working in Power and Manufacturing Industry since last 8 years.


I have started my mechanical engineering studies from Faculty Of Engineering & Technology, University of Lucknow 2009 and completed it in 2013 with 75%.


After completion of my engineering I started my first job in 2014 from Hira Group of Industries as a Mechanical Engineer.
In Hira Group of Industries I worked upto 2 years.
Then I moved on my next company Trimula Industries Limited where I worked upto 3 years.
Now I am still working on US based multinational company Uttam Galva Metallics Limited in Nagpur.

Why I am Here?

When I started working in industries, I realized that whatever I read in engineering theory is practically different.
And when I searched in the internet, I found that theory based knowledge is lot of available while practical knowledge is very less.
That is why I decided to come here so that I can provide theory along with practical knowledge to people.
Because unless you know something about where and how to apply it, your knowledge is incomplete.
So,here I have decided to share my 8 years experience and knowledge to all of you.

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